5 Cheap hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter

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5 Cheap hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter

When reaching Hanoi Old Quarter for traveling, tourists often want to find a cheap hotel or hostel in here to meet their demand of convenience and visit. In this writing, we will recommend tourists some detailed information on cheap hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter in which the rooms are very clean with its high-quality services and favorable position in the center of Hanoi.

Sao Mai Hotel – Cheap hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter

  • Address: 74 Yen Ninh, Quan Thanh, Hanoi
  • Number phone: 0246 685 7474
  • Hotline: 0971 525 121
  • Room price: 300.000 VND/room

Sao Mai Lemon hotel has 18 rooms equipped with lift. The rooms are designed full of 2-star hotel’s facilities such as 32 inch television with satellite TV, wifi, air-condition, heater, locker, refrigerator, fan and sofa in the living room.

The entrance of Sao Mai hotel
The entrance of Sao Mai hotel

Sao Mai hotel is one of the cheapest hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter, near to tourist attractions and entertaining places of Hanoi including Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hanoi Old Quarter, Pedestrian Street, night market, Dong Xuan market, Hoan Kiem Lake, Thang Long Citadel, West Lake and Truc Bach Lake with the short distance of about hundreds of meters.

In the writing recommending cheap hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter of cheap hotel information system, we especially highlight on this hotel as not only are the rooms beautiful, clean and friendly but it’s so convenient to be located in the center near hot shopping places. Sao Mai Lemon hotel is situated near the city which allows tourists to park their cars, thus, you don’t have to move and park their cars outside then walk to their hotel. With room price ranging from 300 000VND /room, tourists can enjoy the beautiful space with two well-equipped living rooms and services of Sao Mai Lemon hotel. Thanks to high-quality ability and services, this hotel is a good choice of many tourists. To make a reservation in Sao Mai hotel, you should contact to book in advance as such the hotel with cheap price and beautiful rooms are often crowded and have little vacant rooms.


Silver hotel- Hotel located in the center of Hanoi Old Quarter


  • Address: 88 Bac Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Number phone: 02439 260 150
  • Room price: 550 000 VND/room

Silver hotel is considered one of the hotels which is located in the vibrant atmosphere of Old Quarter. The hotel brings a sophisticated and ancient charm with home comforts, which is an ideal destination for tourists when coming to the capital.

The friendly and convenient of Silver Hotel

The friendly and convenient of Silver Hotel

The hotel consists of 30 rooms with 3-star standard which are designed according to the unique architecture. It is a harmonious combination between ancient and subtle charm of Western countries and the romance of Asia and the little warmth of Hanoi. Each room is a private space which is not only warm but romantic to allure people to the feeling of excitement and surprise.


Heart hotel- Cheap hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter


  • Address: 11 Hanh Street, Trong Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Number phone: 024 3928 6682
  • Room price: 550 000 VND/ room
  • http://silverseahotel.vn/

Nestled in a central Hanoi Old Quarter, Heart hotel was built with the Western architectural style and decoration. Coming to Heart hotel, tourists not only feel comfortable with the romantic beauty of Hoan Kiem Lake but impressed by high-quality services of the hotel.

The vintage style of rooms in Hear hotel

The vintage style of rooms in Hear hotel

Heart hotel has a room system equipped with home comforts to bring tourists a sense of comfort and wonderful relaxing time. Besides, Heart also offers a lot of services such as travel, currency exchange, car rental, visa extension and car parking. And the most outstanding feature of this hotel is the professional and polite behaviors of the hotel staff, which makes all of you satisfied when traveling to Hanoi Old Quarter.


Real Hotel- Cheap hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter

  • Address: 16C Dinh Liet, Silver Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Number phone: 024 3825 9468
  • Room price: 450 000 VND/room

Located in the center of Old Quarter, near Hoan Kiem Lake, tourists can easily visit other famous tourist destinations of Hanoi such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Old Quarter and Dong Xuan market on walking.

The vintage style of rooms in Hear hotel

The romantic rooms of the couples

Real hotel Vietnam ranks 1-star level, designed simply but elegantly. All rooms are equipped with full of home comforts. With the friendly and enthusiastic staff, tourists will feel satisfied when booking rooms in here. Almost all mini hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter have a general weakness, which is the limited space with the area of only 3-5 meters inclining toward the length. Therefore, the inferior space is directly proportional to the ratio of the house but most tourists choose Old Quarter as their temporary residence.

Huong Giang hotel- Hotel near Hoan Kiem Lake

Huong Giang hotel, located in 187 Lo Duc, a position of the center of Hanoi provides 60 rooms with 2-star level. From there, tourists can visit to Hoan Kiem Lake very conveniently. Since pedestrian street was established, Lo Duc has become a street which receives lots of attention of tourists thanks to its reasonable price as well its favorable position near amusement centers.

The comfort of Huong Giang hotel

Huong Giang hotel has a variety of rooms from standard room, luxury rooms to family rooms which are all equipped with comforts such as lift, wifi, heater, hot water to make tea, satellite television, lock, air-condition, refrigerator, working table and drinking table. The staff in here are very friendly, funny and enthusiastic.


Below are my sharing about cheap hotels in Hanoi Old Quarter which are beautiful, clean and has a favorable position suitable for traveling. I hope that you have more options to choose when visiting Hanoi, which contributes to your perfect and economical trip.



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